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Jaggery Tea Recipe Bag - 50 packets

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Introducing our Jaggery Tea Recipe Packets - the perfect blend of traditional goodness and rich flavor! Indulge in the aromatic experience of this unique tea, handcrafted with care and precision. Each bag contains 50 packets of 1.5 ltre  ensuring that you can serve this delicous tea to your customers  for days to come.

🌿🍯 Our Jaggery Tea is made from the finest natural ingredients, handpicked to bring you the best quality and taste. The star of this recipe is the jaggery - an unrefined sugar that adds a distinct, caramel-like sweetness to every sip. Combined with the finest tea leaves, this blend offers a perfect balance of flavors.

✨✨✨ Key Features of our Jaggery Tea Recipe Packets ✨✨✨

🌱 Exquisite Flavor: Every cup of our Jaggery Tea delights your taste buds with a unique combination of earthy tea notes and the subtle sweetness of jaggery. It's a match made in tea heaven!

☕️ Easy Preparation: Making Procedure is as Follows

Milk - 1 litre 

Water - 500 ml 

Packet- Empty 1 packet and boil all contents together for 8 mins on commcercial gas 

(That's it ) Filter and serve the delicous Jaggery Tea to your customers

1 packet makes 28 cups of 50 ml giving you a profit margin of more than 100%



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